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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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Horary Astrology – W. Cheasley
World Book of the Ages from Adam to the Millenium – H. J. Kerns
Raphael’s Pythoness of the East – Raphael
Raphael’s Wisdom Astrology – Raphael
Zodiac – Fannie Muller
Mars: the   Lord – Alan Leo
Ogilvie’s Astrological Birthday Book – Leo Bernart
Sepharial’s Astrology – Sepharial
Astrology Explained – Sepharial
Astrology, its Techniques and Ethics – C. A. Q. Libra
Key to the Bible and Heaven – Ludwig B. Larsen
Sciences and Keu of Life – Alvidas
The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology – Maurice Wemyss
Raphael’s Book of Fate – Raphael
Guide to Astrology – Fred White
Law of Values – Sepharial
The Silver Key – Sepharial
Fortunate Hours – A.E Partgridge
Directional Astrology – Sepharial
The Stars – L. Edward Johndro
The Earth in the Heavens – L. Edward Johndro
Rectification of the Horoscope – Robert DeLuce
Astrology for All – Alan Leo
The Secret of the Ages – Robert Collier
The Science of Foreknowledge - Sepharial
The Astrological Ready Reckoner and Students Assistant – Sepharial
Your Stars and Destiny – Paul Councel
Manual of Astrology – Sepharial
The Witness of the Stars – Bullinger
Solar Biology – Butler
Cosmic Symbolism – Sepharial
Popular Astronomy – Flammarion and Gore
Eclipses in Theory and Practice – Sepharial
Sun Spots and Weather – W.T.Foster
Popular Astrology for Everybody – Fredrick Hathaway


Numerology – Clifford W. Cheasley
Philosophy of Numbers – Mrs. L. Dow Balliett
Number Vibration in Questions and Answers – Balliett
The Day of Wisdom according to Number Vibration – Balliet
The Kabala of Numbers – Sepharial
How to Play the Races and Win – Mark Mellen
The Kabala of Numbers – Sepharial
The Mysteries of Sound and Numbers – Sheih Habeeb Ahmed
Numerology for Everybody
The Power of Numbers – Numero
Numerology Made Plain – Ariel Yvon Taylor


The Candle of Vision – A.E
The Path of Wisdom – Robert Lynch
The Doctor Prescribes Colours – Edward Podolsky, M.D
Cosmic Causation in Geophysics – Paul Councel
The Master Key of Festiny – Goegorius
Evolution and Reincarnation – Essie M. Ducquan
Miracle of the Ages – Worht Smith
The Kybahion – Three Initiates
Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses
Mysterics Unveiled – William A. Redding
Pax Tecum or Peace and Realization through Technique and Truth – Henry C. Casper
Faith as a Constructive Force – Swami Paramananda
Oracles of Nostradamus – Chas A. Ward
The Sickle – William W.Walter
Lessons in Truth – H. Emilie Cady
Secret – Wesley W. Stout
Open the Door – Wilfred Brandon
The Proofs of Astral Influence on Man – Paul Choisnard
Spiritual Radio – Archbishop Du Vernet
Yoga System of Study – (Occult Chemistry) – Yoga Hari Rama
The Law of Psychic Phenomena – Hudson
Power of Will – Frank Channing Haddock, M.S. Ph.D.
-         Dr John Ballou Newbrough
Philosophy of Natural Magic – Henry Cornelius Agrippa
The World Book of the Ages from Adam to the Millennium – H.J. Kerns
Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning – T. Troward
God-Man. The Word Made Flesh – Carey Perry
Tertium Arganum – P.D. Ouspensky
The Chemistry and Wonders of the Human Body – Dr. George W.Carey
The World’s Greatest Thought Discovery – Mack Stauffer
The Goal of Creation – Edmund Shaftsbury


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